Misplaced Expectations

Misplaced Expectations

Dispelling false expectations and wrong expectations.  One of the greatest misguided and often consistently repeated tragedies is actually “misplaced expectations” that stem from “false expectations” which are often based in vain imaginings or lies, deceptions where a person is “self deceive” about themselves and situations.

Many go to church or ministry meetings, events, conferences etc. over and over but with same expectations… a touch from an anointed minister/preacher, prophet, evangelist etc. will somehow magically change their life. Though they may not think it this way, or even use the word “magically change” ….it is what they are doing. When people go to these meetings over and over and keep doing the same thing over and over is is disconcerting as a minister to see because it is telling of “heart condition”.

People go to these meetings and walk out the same, head out to lunch or dinner or after meeting coffee etc. and chat among themselves and if you listen carefully you will not see any change in their thinking, their mindsets are still where they were when the went to the “awesome” meeting. OR their actions will speak as how they treat the waiter or waitress and even the “tip” they leave them.

Many go to “hear a word” as if what God has been saying to them is going to change. Thing is, He won’t change what He is saying (if the prophets are hearing Him clearly and purely) until we do what He first said. He doesn’t “skip steps” in our maturity and understanding of His ways.

Beloved in this NEW ERA…. not a “season”, things will look much different. I want to encourage you… please stop looking to people to “be” your answer. NO prophet, apostle, evangelist, pastor or teacher can or ever will know your personal destiny for you. Even Prophets prophesy in part. Meaning? They only have a portion of a picture.

I believe its this way so that individuals will learn to seek God for themselves. Dear ones…. you can’t be completely freed from things you have wrong expectations of until you personally read the Word to “set you free”. When you take time IN the Truth, what does the Word say about it?

“You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free!”

Dear ones… no amount of deliverance ministry will completely “deliver you” until you believe…. and believing starts with knowing…. knowing not just some truth but THE Truth!

It also starts with an act of our will’s.


Humble your heart before the Lord letting Him know you have believed things that were false expectations and misplaced your expectation on people, rather than upon Him and The Truth.

Ask His forgiveness…. receive it. Say it… even if you don’t “feel it” because “feelings” are like waves of the ocean, fleeting back and forth and unreliable. Feelings can help us to certain things but not something we should rely upon to guide us. Feelings won’t set you free!

What are you struggling with? Is it a habit, a wrong belief, fear, lack, sickness….what is it you are struggling with? That place of your struggle is the place that Jesus wants to make Himself “know” TO you! Remember His name? It means many things. Whatever aspect it is you are struggling with now…. pray the humble prayer and then ask for HIS help. Ask Holy Spirit to guide you to right passages to teach your heart so you can be set free by the Truth! He is the “Spirit of Truth”! Start with looking up passages on Jesus as Healer if you are having trouble with some illness. Really press into the verses and again, ASK Holy Spirit to reveal the Truth to you! Don’t skip about until you sense His presence upon them. Skipping from one problem to another, never solves the first one!

THEN…. go back to the promises you have heard from the Lord and if He gave you instructions on them. DO then what He said do and ask for His help to do that!

THIS is a beginning…. start today, do not delay! Watch your relationship with the Heavenly Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit grow! And in that process… how YOU will be transformed!

God bless you beloved of the Lord!